Air Heaters

Airtronic 2

With 7500 Btu, the D2 is ideal for heating smaller insulated spaces, such as a sleeper for a truck or van. Since it can operate for over 20 hours on a gallon of fuel, the D2 can pay for itself in as little as 40 nights. The D2 is thermostatically controlled with four auto heat levels to maintain optimal temperatures. Available in 12V and 24V configurations.

Airtronic 4

With 13,600 Btu, the D4 is designed for cargo vans, cargo boxes, large sleepers and any other applications where big spaces need to be heated in extreme cold temperatures. Available in gas and diesel models, with 12V and 24V configurations.

Airtronic 5

With 18,800 Btu, the D5 is built for high output heater applications. Take school bus and public transit applications, for example. When the D5 is located near the door or wheelchair lift, the heater senses the cold air entering from the open door, automatically raising output to high with quick heat recovery for passengers.


This is the largest of the Espar air heater family with 27,300 Btu on high and 11,900 on low. It’s most often used to heat large areas, such as beverage trailers, mobile offices, and large sailboats. Available in diesel only, with 12V and 24V configurations.

Coolant Heaters

Hydronic 5

At 17,000 Btu, this Hydronic 5 heater produces 25 percent higher heating capacity than the previous generation Hydronic 4 model. This heater is used often to preheat class 8 truck engines, school bus engines, or any engine under 15 liters.

Hydronic MII

This coolant heater comes in three capacities: 8,000 (B100 biodiesel compatible), 10,000, and 12,000 Btu. Espar of Michigan recommends this heater for school bus and public transit operations when engine preheat and supplemental interior heat is required.

Hydronic 16/24/30/35

This is Espar's family of high output Hydronic heaters. All four heaters feature the same mounting footprint but vary in output from 55,000 Btu to 120,000 Btu. They are used in the largest equipment applications, such as over-the-road luxury coaches to mining trucks to locomotives.

Cooling Devices

Please note: These products (Cooling Devices) are sold by Espar of Michigan, but are not created by or affiliated with the Eberspächer brand in any way.

Mobile Flex-Cool

Mobile Flex-Cool is an ultra portable, self-contained refrigeration system that empowers you to convert virtually any vehicle into a commercial-grade refrigerated vehicle, within minutes, at a fraction of the cost of conventional reefer systems.

Fan-tastic Vent

This system can move nearly 1,000 cubic feet of air every minute, giving drivers and passengers a comfortable in-vehicle environment through hot summer days and nights. Available features include in-and-out air flow switches, thermostats, and rain sensors. Auxiliary batteries are not required.

Arctic Breeze

The Arctic Breeze is a 8000 Btu 12V truck air conditioner used for keeping the bunk cool during rest periods. The unit comes in three configurations to ensure driver comfort in extreme heat and humidity climates.

Auxiliary Power

Please note: These products (Auxiliary Power) are sold by Espar of Michigan, but are not created by or affiliated with the Eberspächer brand in any way.

RigMaster APU

RigMaster Power is a stand-alone auxiliary power unit (APU) that saves over a gallon of fuel per engine idle hour. This unit features 6000W 120V electrical power to operate heating and air conditioning and appliances inside your truck sleeper without having to idle your engine.

Grip Idle Management System

The GRIP (Governor to Reduce Idle and Pollution) Idle Management System is designed to automatically manage the time that your vehicle spends idling, so you can save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, cut maintenance costs, and extend the engine life.

Auxiliary Battery System

If you need additional battery power (to preserve your vehicle batteries), Espar of Michigan offers a full range of auxiliary battery configurations. All auxiliary battery systems include a battery separator to isolate the starting battery.

Tripplite Inverter / Charger

Tripplite inverters convert 12V (battery power) to 110V (household power), allowing you to operate typical household appliances such as microwave ovens, TV's, laptop battery chargers.

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